In the name of business, many office workers ignore a healthy life pattern. They do not exercise and eat nutritious food. They choose more to eat sweets, fried foods, and have a cup of coffee everyday.

Bad eating patterns completed with the lack of activities causes the office workers to get more risk for disease. They lean to not only get overweight, but also get stomachache and digestion problem. To solve those problems, you can do these healthy tips:

1. Consume balanced and varied food

The same menu can cause your body to be lack of nutrient. So, fulfill the nutrient need of your body by consuming nutritious and varied food. You need to consume fiber source, and useful carbohydrate and protein to improve your concentration. You also should reduce to consume fried foods and food that contains coconut milk.

2. Do exercise regularly

Combine your healthy eating pattern with doing exercise regularly. A research shows that people who do exercise regularly lean not to be fixated easily by consuming unhealthy food, and lean to reduce your weight easily. Thus, spare your time to do sport. If you cannot spare your time in the morning, you can join fitness center that still opens far into the night.

3. Do not forget to drink

Consume at least four glasses of water (1 liter) as long as you work. Of course, this consumption is out of other liquids like juice, coffee, and tea. In the night, add your consumption of water by drinking two glasses of water. However, do not drink too much because it can waste the important minerals for your body.

4. Healthy snacks

If you want to eat snack, you can change your usual snack with the healthy snack like fruits, yogurt, or other healthy snacks.

5. Having breakfast

Several researches show that people who start their day by having breakfast usually have better concentration quality than the concentration quality of people who only drink a cup of coffee in the morning.